Action Reminders

Action Reminders are Reminder, which reminds you after a certain time, when you triggered the Bot with you choose Trigger. As an example: You created a Action Reminder with a 'RemindAfter' Time of 1d and your Trigger is 'pls daily'When someone now runs pls daily, the Bot will remind this person in 1d with your choosen Reminder Message


Reminders with the same name will be overwritten.


The Reminder Name can't contain Spaces

Create a Action Reminder:

  • Creates a Action Reminder with the given Name and Data
  • This will Guide you through a Setup, where you can add a Remind Message, the Trigger and more
  • Choose the right Action Reminder mode based on your usecase, which is shown below


  • Ex: %action Daily-Coins 1d -> This will create a action reminder, which will trigger on the trigger and remind you after 1day.

Action Reminders Mode:

Action Reminder Option:

0 - When you multiply trigger the reminder, it will multiply remind you

1 - When you multiply trigger the reminder, the last reminder will be overwritten with the newest one

2 - Multiply triggering will be ignored, when existing action reminders are running

Delete a Action Reminder:

  • This will delete the Reminder with the ReminderName
  • Get a list of Action Reminders with %action all for finding out the names.


Check all Action Reminders:

  • Will give you a Select Menu with which you can manage the Active Reminders and even delete them


Last Updated: 9/8/2021, 4:40:37 PM