Boost Tracker Commands

Boost Tracker Setup Command

Enable/Disable Boost Tracker:

/boost setup enable/disable

Add a Boost Messsage Channel:

/boost setup channel [channel]

Enable/Disable Boost Log Message on Unboost/Boost/Booster left:

/boost setup log [channel/disable]

Enable/Disable: Ability to create Custom Boost Role:

/boost setup createrole [status] [position]

Customize the Boost Message:


{{boostcount}}, {{boosttier}}, {{username}}, {{usertag}}, {{usermention}}, {{userid}}

Change the Plain Message:

/boost message plain [message]

Change the Title of the Boost Message:

/boost message title [message]

Change the Description of the Boost Message:

/boost message desc [message]

Change the Color of the Boost Message Embed:

/boost message color [hexcolor]

Change the Boost Message to a Embed/Non-Embed Message:

/boost message embed [status]

Change the Thumbnail of the Boost Message:

/boost message thumbnail [image-link]

Change the Image of the Boost Message:

/boost message image [image-link]

Boost Message Test Command

/boost message test

Create/Customize your Boost Role:

Create your own Custom Boost Role:

/boost role name [name]

Change the Color/Name of the Custom Boost Role:

/boost role color [hexcolor]

Check the current Boost Leaderboard:

/boost leaderboard

Last Updated: 9/17/2021, 7:52:40 PM