Additional Features

You can get a overview of the Features on the Showcase Section.

Enable/Disable Custom Role Creation Feature:

When this Feature is activated, Server Boosters will be able to create roles through the Command %boostrole or /boost role, which can be customized on the Color and the Name.

Enable/Disable Feature:

/boost setup createrole [status] [position]

Change the Position of the Custom Role:

/boost setup createrole [status] [position]

Your Members can create their own Role with %boostrole or /boost role

  • When the Member unboosted the Server, the Role will be automatically deleted.

Send Boost Leaderboard on Boost/Unboost

When this Feature is activated a Message will be sent in the added Channel whether a Member Unboosted/Boosted + the new Leaderboard and some Booststats

/boost setup log [channel/disable]

See the current Leaderboard with %boostleaderboard or /boost leaderboard

Last Updated: 9/6/2021, 3:10:12 PM