Setup Vote Rewards

The command /vote rewards or %vreward will give a overview of all rewards and commands!

Manage Rewards:

/vote rewards set [voteamount]

  • Ex: Run /vote reward set 10 -> This will give a reward role on 10 votes
  • A Message will appear, where it askes you after the reward type, we currently just support roles. Send role
  • After you choosed the option, it will ask after the role to give, send the role mention in the channel!


Assume that the Bot has a higher Role than the reward Role

Edit Rewards:

  • Do the same progress like adding vote rewards, just use the same amount
  • This will overwrite the Role Reward

Remove VoteRewards on a specific Vote Count:

  • This will remove the Reward, which is given on the mentioned amount

/vote rewards remove [voteamunt]

Enable/Disable Stack Rewards:

  • When Stack Rewards are enabled. Previous Role Rewards will be removed, when new one has been given.
  • Example:
    • You added 2 Role Rewards on the vote amount 11 (Role A) and on the amount 15 (Role B)
    • When the User reached the Vote Amount 11 they will get the Role: Role A
    • When the User reached the Vote Amount 15 they will get the Role: Role B
    • When Stack Rewards is enabled, the Role A will be removed, since the User got a new Role Reward (Role B)

/vote rewards stack [status]

Last Updated: 9/17/2021, 7:52:40 PM