Customize Reminder Message

Reminder Message overwrites are Overwrites, which will account on Onetime, Interval & Action Reminders and will change there Appereance.


  • You can use the following Variables in your Message:
{{userid}},{{usermention}},{{remindername}},{{remindermessage}}, {{reminderping}}

Change the Plain Message, which can be sent with the Ping:

  • Sets the Plain Message, which is sent on the Reminder Message. A Plain Message is a Non-Embed Message, which will be sent with the Embed (when one exists)

/reminder message plain [message]

Change the Title of the Reminder Message:

/reminder message title [message]


/reminder message title Reminder name {{remindername}} 

Change the Description of the Reminder Message:

/reminder message desc [message]


/reminder message desc There is a new Reminder, read the following below: {{remindermessage}}

Change the Color of the Reminder Message Embed:

/reminder message color [hexcolor]

Change the Reminder Message to a Embed/Non-Embed Message:

  • Disables/Enables the Embed, which changes how the content will be sent.

/reminder message embed [status]

/reminder message footer [message]

Change the Thumbnail of the Reminder Message:

  • Adds a Image on the right Corner of the Embed

/reminder message thumbnail [image-link]

Change the Image of the Reminder Message:

  • Adds Image on the bottom of the Embed

/reminder message image [image-link]

Last Updated: 9/27/2021, 4:58:33 PM