Customize Welcomer


  • You can use the following Variables in your Message:

Customize Welcomer Card

Change the Welcomer Card Size to full/half/disable:

  • Whether you want to have a full Card(800x4000), a half Card(800x200) or disable the Card

/welcomer card disable/half/full

Add a Card Background for the Welcomer Card:

  • This changes the Background of the Welcomer Card to the given ImageLink

/welcomer card background [imagelink]

Change the Title of the Welcomer Card:

  • This is the Text, which is over the Bottom Text

/welcomer card title [text]

Change the Bottom Text of the Welcomer Card:

/welcomer card text [text]

Change the Text Color on the Welcomer Card:

/welcomer card textcolor [hexcolor]

Customize Welcomer Message

Change the Title of the Welcomer Message:

/welcomer message title [message]

Change the Description of the Welcomer Message:

/welcomer message desc [message]

Change the Color of the Welcomer Embed Message:

/welcomer message title [hexcolor]

Add a Thumbnail on the Welcomer Embed Message:

  • This adds an Thumbnail (right-corner) on the Embed

/welcomer message thumbnail [imagelink]

Add a Image on the Welcomer Embed Message:

  • Sets the Image of the Welcomer Embed, which is sent on the Welcomer Message
  • Note: Cannot be used in Combination with a Welcomer Card.

/welcomer message image [imagelink]

/welcomer message footer [message]

Set a Plain Message on the Welcomer Message, which can be sent with the combination of an Embed:

  • Sets the Plain Message, which is sent on the Welcomer Message. A Plain Message is a Non-Embed Message, which will be sent with the Embed (when one exists)

/welcomer message plain [message]

Remove/Reset Welcomer Embed:

  • Removes the Welcomer Embed and just sends the welcomer plain message and welcomer card, when they are enabled.

/welcomer message embed disable

Welcomer Test Command:

  • Sends a Test Welcomer Message to the Welcomer Channel with your current Setup.

/welcomer test

Last Updated: 6/28/2022, 5:14:24 PM